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Curated by Moritz

Blow Job - Become a head job expert

The blow job is the most known practice when it comes to male pleasure. Get tips from experts how to give oral pleasure.
  • Introduction to Blow Job
  • Blow Job Stories
  • Advanced Blow Job Tips
  • ​How to Deepthroat
  • ​Explore Video Tutorial Blow Job
Curated by Jennifer

Fingering - Step up your finger games

Learn all about fingering. Get the basics and practice different techniques to satisfy a woman with only your hands.
  • Introduction to Fingering
  • ​Explore Video Tutorial Fingering
Curated by Jennifer

Women on top - More female action

Get to know techniques how to lead in bed as a woman. Feel more confident being on top by knowing what to do.
  • Introduction to Positions for Women on Top
  • Faking orgasms
  • ​Explore Video Tutorial Women on Top
Curated by Guignol & Selina

Cunnilingus - The right way to lick

Learn how to give oral pleasure with only your tongue and understand what it actually means for women to be wet.
  • Introduction to Cunnilingus
  • How to make her wet
  • ​Explore Video Tutorial Cunnilingus
Curated by Virginia & Jens

Testicle Massage - Stay relax between the legs

A testicle massage can be a great foreplay or just a good way to relax your partner.
  • Introduction to Testicle Massage
  • ​Explore Video Tutorial Testicle Massage
Curated by Guignol & Selina

Thrusting Techniques - Moves over size

Thrusting techniques are the key for pleasure in bed. Learn how to penetrate your partner.
  • Discussion about Pornography
  • ​Explore Video Tutorial Thrusting Techniques
Curated by Mateja

Know your vulva - Know yourself

Get to know your own vulva and learn about the female reproductive part. See and practice what feels good.
  • Finding the G-Spot
  • She is too tight
  • ​Explore Video Tutorial Get to know your Vulva
Curated by Lino & Milena

Kamasutra Part I - Exciting Positions while lying

Learn new sex positions while lying. Get inspired by the Kamasutra and spice things up in the bedroom.
  • Relationship Model: Monogamy
  • Relationship Model:Polygamy
  • Relationship Model: Polyamory
  • ​Explore Video Tutorial Lying Positions
Curated by Milena & Mazlum

Kamasutra Part II - The adventure of standing positions

Learn standing positions for sexual pleasure and try out something new.
  • How to fight in a relationship
  • ​Explore Video Tutorial Standing Positions
Curated by Milena & Mazlum

Erotic Massage - A way for sexual relaxation

An Erotic Massage can be a great way to relax your partner or to bring him into a sexy mood.
  • The meaning of Libido Loss
  • Explore Video Tutorial Erotic Massage for Her
  • ​Explore Video Tutorial Erotic Massage for Him
Curated by Guignol & Selina

Masturbation - The simple way of solosex

Learn how to give yourself pleasure and understand how to come by yourself.
  • Introduction to Masturbation
  • Explore Video Tutorial Masturbation for Her
  • ​Explore Video Tutorial Masturbation for Him
Curated by Jennifer

Sex Toys - A possible game changer

Learn all the basics about sex toys and watch how to use different kind of vibrators.
  • Introduction to Masturbation
  • Explore Video Tutorial Masturbation for Her
  • ​Explore Video Tutorial Masturbation for Him
Curated by Moritz

Sexual Health - Learn how to stay safe

Learn how you can protect yourself from STDs and what to do if you infect yourself.
  • Introduction to Sexual Transmitted Diseases
  • Clamydia
  • Syphilis
  • ​Genital warts
  • ​Crab lice

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