Our Team

A perfect blend of self-loving, crazy and passionate sex experts. 


Female sex expert
Jennifer is our expert for female pleasure. She inspires women to find confidence for dealing with their own body and gives tips on how to express their own desires and fantasies in bed. Learn from her, what women like and how to make your female partner happy.


Self-love encourager
Mateja is our muse for self-love. It is important to know your own sexuality, your own body. your own sex drive and how to come. Explore the power of self-fulfillment and its energy it brings into a relationship. Learn how to discover pleasure and your personal needs in bed. 


Blow Job professional
Moritz speaks honestly about social prejudices and his own experiences as a gay. His mission is to educate and strengthen sexual responsibility. With him, you will find the right empowerment to free your person from opinions and to live your own sexuality.

Virginia & Jens

Dick experts
Virginia & Jens are our strong couple from Berlin. They talk freely about their own sexual preferences, explain their favorite techniques and give tips for positions. With them, you can get into a man’s head and an idea what feels good.

Guignol & Selina

Gender Sex Talk
Guignol & Selina are friends who love to discuss random questions from the internet about partnerships, single life and love trends. Their mission is to open the conversation about your personal love life and to show that there are no questions to be ashamed of. 

Milena & Mazlum

Relationship Talk
Milena & Mazlum know that relationships and sex are not only about the romantic aspects, but also about being committed. They both like to address more serious topics about love and sexual behavior. Learn how to address the needs of your partner and get tips to build up a healthy relationship. 

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